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Creating an awesome website is only part of having an Internet presence. If no-one can locate your site when searching then you might as well not spend any time making your website.

The most important thing that you can do to have an effective web site is have other web sites link to it. There are two different types of backlinks, reciprocal links and one way links. Both are easy and effective strategies to building site visitors but one is much more effective than the other – one-way links.

Reciprocal backlinks are when you link to a web site and that site also links back to your website. This was a common type of linking a few years ago and is still commonly used. Some site owners get great traffic by using in a link exchange service or system created specifically for reciprocal backlinks. A link exchange is a group of website owners that exchange links with each other.

One-way links are simply a link to your website from another website without the exchange. In some cases you may agree to exchange backlinks to different sites which is called an n-way link exchange. This type of linking is considered by most experts to be more effective than reciprocal links.. However, it often is very difficult to get a one-way backlink. There are three main strategies for receiving one-way links: submit your web site to directories, give away something of value that includes your link, pay for a link on someone else’s high ranking web site.

1. Generating inbound links by submitting your web site to directories is normally free unless you choose to pay for upgrades. Directories are special websites that list other sites that viewers might be interested in and are usually hand edited so they have additional authoritative weight in the search engine algorithms. There are software applications that can help with the boring procedure of filling out directory web forms.

2. One of the best solutions is to give away something of value that includes your link. Articles are very popular because so many website owners need site content. They are cheap to produce and can be effective at drawing one-way links to your website.

3. Steer clear of purchasing links on web sites for SEO purposes. It can cost up to $ 100 a month or more to put your link on a high pagerank site and it still might not count in the search engine formula. Google has continually said that purchasing direct links will not be of value for SEO. But, you might still use this technique to drive traffic from a high traffic site to your web site.

The real truth is that if you are working to build long term income, it is going to take a while before your site becomes profitable. A long term strategy for a website may take six months or even a year for it to start generating income. It is also important to start building back links immediately. Choose your links cautiously. Make sure that you are not choosing links from low level websites, scraper web sites or inbound links from bad neighborhoods.

Keep in mind, in today’s competitive Internet environment, if you would like a successful site then you have to do at least as much or more SEO than the sites on the first page of search engine results.

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