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You could have heard about backlinking strategy. But, if you are a beginner you may not have much knowledge on this SEO concept. Backlinking is a powerful and effective offpage search engine optimization that is preferred by 90% of the webowners to generate traffic to their site. The backlinking strategy is hyperlinking from one site to your site. So, after every posting and content you will be allowed to create hyperlink to your site. If your posting is worthy, then the audience shows interest to visit your site. The website that aims to make more profit should compulsorily go behind the backlinking strategy.

Quality backlinks is always rewarded. How to build quality backlinks?

Article Writing

Quality backlinks can be created by submitting articles in various article submission directories. Article directories are visited by many people and through these directories you can get more loyal customers. Imagine, you are running a website that sells cream and powders to cure skin diseases. Now, you can choose article submission directories like ezinearticles, articlebase and post articles on topics “how to cure pimples, how to cure acne, how to get rid of skin rashes naturally” etc. At the end of every posting you will be allowed to leave your domain link at the resource box. If the audience feels that your website can give solution to their problems, they will click the hyperlink left at the resource box and visit your site. So, every click on the backlink will create good traffic to your site.


Blogs also works exactly as the articles work. Choose popular blogs related to your subject and post your content there. You can also visit blogs and comment on them. Web masters who use the blog commenting strategy regularly will be able to create healthy relationship with their customers. Blogs also allow you to post domain link after every post.

Social Networking Sites

Next to article writing and blog posting, the next preferred backlinking strategy by the web masters is choosing social networking sites. Social networking sites carry your message to mass audience easily. You also have the chance to build healthy relationship with the subscribers through social networking sites.


Forums also bring loyal customers to your site. Participating in forum discussions is one of the ways to create healthy links. Choosing forums relevant to your business will yield good results.

Video Marketing

The most effective backlinking strategy can be created through video marketing. Create a professional video clipping on your business and upload it in sites like YouTube. Also add your domain link in your video. Now, videos are also listed in the search engine results page.

Other than the above SEO backlinking strategies, you can also use social bookmarking sites and e-mail marketing to create backlinks. Even single organic and quality backlink can do magic in your online business. Exchanging links are also one of the favorite backlinking strategies of webmasters. So, do not try to create more number of backlinks that is not organic, instead try to create quality backlinks that can really favor your site.

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