How To Generate Backlinks To Your Website And Rank On The First Page Of Google

A powerful way of boosting your ranking in search engines is by creating back-links to your website. A back-link is a link to your site from an external web-page. Having lots of back-links gets you more love from search engines and gives you an edge over your competition. This article reviews three powerful ways of creating back-links.

1. Article Marketing
An essential method of creating back-links to your site is through article marketing. There are many popular article directories where you can submit articles for free, such as Ezine-Articles. Article directories allow you to leave a link in your article or in the articles ‘resource box’ which can point to your website. Directories such as Ezine-Articles and Go-articles have a very high page rank, providing you with back-links of high authority, which search engines love.

2. Blog Comments
In addition to article marketing, a quick and easy way to get more back-links is by leaving comments on blogs that are relevant to your website. Many blogs allow you link back to your site in the comments box. It is important to ensure that your blog comment is helpful and informative, or it is likely to be deleted by the blog owner.

3. Squidoo and Hubpages
Creating Squidoo lenses and Hubpages is a also a good way of creating more back links to your site. They are very easy to create, and are not too time consuming. What’s more, Squidoo and Hubpages are considered to be ‘authority’ sites by Google. Create Squidoo lenses and Hubpages that link back to your site. Do not use the exact same content on each site however, as this will be recognized as duplicate content and will be dismissed by the search engines.

4. Social Directories
Submitting your website or blog to social directories is a great way to generate multiple back-links. Popular website you can use for this are ‘Digg’ and ‘Stumble Upon’. Submitting to these sites alone is a sure-fire way to increase the amount of traffic you receive dramatically.

5. Yahoo Answers
Another way to create back-links is to answer questions on Yahoo Answers. Thousands of people ask questions every day on Yahoo Answers; there are bound to be hundreds of questions relating to your niche. When you answer questions on Yahoo Answers, you are able to leave a link to your website in the ‘resource box’. Again, similar to blog comments, make sure your answers are informative and are not a blatant plug for your website, or you risk getting your account suspended.

By using these techniques to generate back-links to your site, you can blow away your competition and land your site on the first page of Google. Make use the methods mentioned in this article and you’ll be well on the way to generating massive amounts of traffic to your site. Make sure you use a rank tracking tool to track your site progress in the rankings. Good Luck!

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