Easy Techniques to Obtain Free Backlinks to Your Website

If you want to win a battle for better ranking in search engines, you need to get relevant, quality backlinks from as many sources as you can. However this a main problem, getting backlinks. We are going to give you a list of easy ways to obtain link, most of which are completely free. The most common techniques are the following: directory submission, article marketing, social bookmarking, press release distribution. Creating a blog is another good way of getting backlinks as well as internal linking.
Directory submission.

There thousands of directories on the net, begging you to submit your website at no or little cost. There are free directories and it takes just a minute to submit your website and get a backlink. The best, most trusted directory is dmoz.org but it takes ages to get your site listed if they even going to accept it. This is the best directory out there and a link form it will surely boost your ranking. But don’t get discouraged if your site is not accepted, there thousands of other directories you can submit your site to.

Article submission.
This is the most popular method and it brings great results. Most of article directories are free and the process of submitting an article is easy. If you have a great content to share with other, article distribution is a great way to get backlinks. Just like website directories, there are thousands of article directories on the web. If you submit your article to a major directory like Ezinearticles, Free Backlinks Article Directory or Articlebase, not only you are going to get a link from them, but from many other websites that will use your article on their website.

Press release distribution.

Just like article marketing, submitting press releases is a great way to let people know about your website and services as well as to get backlinks to improve you rankings in search engines.

Social bookmarking.
Very popular way to build quality backlinks to your website or blog is submit it to social bookmarking websites. There hundred of them and if you look up internet you can easily find few dozen quality ones. It is a good idea to use social bookmarking software like Bookmarking Demon to easy the process.

Creating a blog and internal linking.
You can create your blog and build links to your sites from it. The best part that you’re the one in control how much content you will create, what anchor text to use and how many backlinks you want.

Getting backlinks is an easy process but it take time. The best way to get many backlinks faster is to use software or backlinking service. There are also article submission services, one of the good ones is 100backlinks.com, that will write unique article for you and distribute it between hundreds of article directories. You can save time on backlink building and spend more time doing your business.

There are easy and fast ways to get quality backlinks like submitting your content to article directories. There is very powerful one called Free Backlinks Article Directory that also builds link to every submitted article.

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