How To Build Backlinks For Top Rankings In Google

In order to get quick and easy top 5 rankings in Google, I build mostly so-called sniper sites. These are very simple websites (or blogs) that consist of only 4-8 pages (or blog posts). Now, in order to get top rankings in Google, these sites need be focused on a single long-tail keyword with low competition. And you need to create some backlinks from different sources.

If you chose the right kind of keywords it shouldn’t take more than 4-6 hours of work (building the entire site and creating all the backlinks) to get a top 5 or even top 3 ranking in Google.

For those kinds of sites and keywords there is absolutely no need to spend hours of work to build high PR backlinks or other authority and quality backlinks. I typically build 300 – 500 quick and easy backlinks.

What I call quick and easy backlinks are backlinks that can be fully automated using some sort of backlink builder software. My preferred backlinks for sniper sites are:

* Article Backlinks: Write one article with 2 backlinks in your bio, spin the article if you want and use an article submission tool to submit it to 50 -100 article directories. I use Article Demon for the job as it’s the most complete article submission tool and because the tool provides you with a complete list of all the backlinks that were created. I need this list to get all my newly created backlinks indexed by Google using Backlink Energizer.

* Forum Profile Backlinks: I create about 150-200 backlinks using Profile Backlink Engine – That’s a fully automated profile backlink creation tool I create for my own specific needs. I currently don’t sell this tool, but there is way to ###get a free version of this tool.

* Social Bookmarking: Another easy way to get lots of free Google backlinks. I use Bookmarking Demon to create all my bookmarking backlinks. This is the most complete tool on the market, but it is also the most expansive one. Some free ways of semi-automatic bookmarking are: and OnlyWire (the free version is limited to 300 submissions/month).

* And you can find additional ways on how to build backlinks on my website:

As you can see, this is a fully automated link building strategy, and building 300-500 backlinks shouldn’t take much more than 30-40 minutes. The only problem with these kinds of links is that Google is often having troubles finding and indexing them. That’s why I highly recommend you use a tool like Backlink Energizer to make sure all your links are found and indexed by Google.

Once you are finished with your article submission, profile backlink creation and social bookmarking, simply copy and paste all your newly created backlinks (all software tools mentioned above provide a complete list of all created backlinks) into Backlink Energizer to get all your backlinks counted and indexed by Google.

Mike Delores is a freelance article writer and software developer. He is writing on various different subjects and his hobbys are cycling, meditation and reading.

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