SMS Marketing Vs. Mobile Friendly Email Advertising And Marketing

The introduction of mobile phones in our lives has completely altered the way customer and business advertising is carried out. Previously, SMS advertising was a preferable option for companies to market their products as they knew that almost everyone owns a mobile phone.

However, smart phones took the mobile industry as well as the marketing and advertising industry by storm. They put the attributes of an entire desktop computer in the palm of our hands. According to Microsoft, the usage of mobile phones will exceed the usage of desktop computers by 2014.

Smart phones have enabled you to not only send and receive SMS; you can also check your e-mail messages through your phone whenever you want. Taking advantage of this, many entrepreneurs have now started emailing potential consumers about the products and services they offer.

There are some major variations between SMS advertising and mobile friendly email marketing. A few of them are described below in detail.


An SMS has only a limited amount of space. Therefore, a advertising message sent using SMS will have to be short and concise. You cannot add ample information in your text message. On the other hand, e-mail provides you adequate space advertise your product/service. You can also add extra information like reasons why people should purchase from you, benefits of the product/service, call to action messages and contact details.


A text message does not permit you to add pictures or backlinks to your website. It is just a simple message with no creative material inside. You can only use creativity with your words whereas; an email message will allow you to use a variety of fonts and colors. You can also add pictures or videos and make the Email more interactive by adding links to your website and other relevant websites.

Call to Action

Many e-mail messages today have interactive ‘call to action’ tabs that make communication easier for the potential customer. The ‘call now’ or e-mail now’ tabs that are embedded in e-mail messages allow a user to simply click on them and call or e-mail the company for more information. In SMS messages, there is no such facility and many people are too lazy to use the contact information to communicate with the organization.

Screen Size

Mobile phones have a screen that is small in size. This can strictly limit the amount of material that can be displayed on the screen at once. An e-mail message may be difficult to read on a mobile phone. But a text message is concise and easily fits onto the screen of the phone. It is easy to read and access time and again.

Convenient Navigation

All mobile phones either have a touch screen or a rotating ball for navigation purposes. In the absence of a mouse, navigation is difficult and may take too much work. Many customers are reluctant to go through e-mail advertisements on a mobile phone because of this reason while an SMS message is only a limited amount of text which can fit into the screen of the mobile and can be easily read.

Both, SMS advertising and mobile friendly email marketing has its pros and cons. The extent of whether one is better than the other is hard to measure. Therefore, before choosing one of the ways, evaluate and analyze all the factors of both kinds of marketing, keeping your product/service in mind.

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