Using Social Bookmarking Submission For Backlinks

Building links is essential to getting good rankings in the search engines and social bookmarking submission is one of the easiest ways to gain a steady stream of backlinks to just about all content that you create because you have total control over the bookmarks that you build.

What Can I Bookmark?

Generally speaking you can bookmark just about any significant content that you like. For example, if you have a blog you could bookmark most of the blog posts and if you had a static page you could bookmark the individual pages though there’s a few exceptions. You want to make sure that you are proving value in some way with the content you bookmark – this makes them viable to be shared. Therefore don’t bookmark pages like your about page, privacy policy etc.

SEO for Bookmarking

The reason that we include social bookmarking submission into our link building efforts is that it allows us to create a large number of backlinks to all of our content pages. However the value of these backlinks can be vastly affected by how you create the bookmark. In general there are three pieces of information that you need to provide along with the URL and they are the title, a short description and some tags.

The title is the most important item as this is usually used as the anchor text of the backlink. If possible, include a keyword in the title of your bookmark – note that it does not necessarily have to be the same as the title of the content you have created. Also try to include that same keyword in both the description and in the tags. This tells the search engines what the bookmark is about and makes it relevant to the content thus giving it more weight.

Bookmarking Frequency

Search engines such as Google prefer to see a steady stream of backlinks coming into a website on a regular basis rather than a massive rush all in one go so the best strategy is simply to bookmark your content as you create it. However, if you create websites in a short space of time then you might want to spread out those bookmarks – perhaps one per day.

There is another thing to consider too; there are a great many social bookmarking sites that you can use and for best results you’ll want to submit to as many of them as possible. Don’t settle for one backlink when you could have 20, 50, 100 or however many you have time to create! If you are short on time you can use automated social bookmarking submission tools to do the work for you but this is where you need to be careful. Some such tools will create all of those bookmarks in one hit which is not ideal. Choose a tool such as IMAutomator which will allow you to space out your submissions steadily over a number of days and create them all for you on auto-pilot.

Finding Bookmarking Sites

Finding sites to submit to is relatively easy as there are so many. Try googling the search term ‘dofollow social bookmarking sites’ and you’ll be sure to find several large lists of them. However not all bookmarking sites are equal. Those that are ‘dofollow’ are preferable to those that are ‘nofollow’ and the higher the page rank the better. Of course if you’re using a social bookmarking submission tool such as IMAutomator, that has many sites built right into it so you don’t need to go to the effort of finding them.

IMAutomator is a free tool that automatically builds backlinks to your website. It is a social bookmarking submission tool that submits your bookmark to multiple sites totally on auto-pilot and also allows you to drip-feed your submissions over a period of days which is better for SEO.

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