What Are High Quality Backlinks And How To Create Them

Establish high value backlinks to your site and your website poularity will soar. Search engines guage popularity by the number of backlinks to your site and the popularity of the websites linking into your site Put another way the greater the popularity of the site linking into your site the bigger the score allocated to your site by the search engines.
Your objective then is to get as many relevant, high page rank sites as possible linking to your site When you direct high value backlinks to your web page, the search engines view this as an indication that other relevant and popular sites value the content on your site. Therefore your website must have value to anybody looking for that particular keyword so it is ranked higher.

If you understand this youtube is a great site to use to create backlinks to your site Youtube is one of the most popular sites online and has a much higher page rank than my blog. So posting videos to youtube with a backlink to your site is an easy way to build high value backlinks.

There are a number of other ways you can create high value backlinks to your site. Here are two of the most popular.

Blog commenting – on high page rank blogs is one of the fastest ways to develop high quality backlinks. You must first check to ensure the blog has the “do follow” characteristic otherwise your backlinks won’t register. When posting blog comments always be positive towards the blog this will ensure your link is activated by the owner. Remember, fail to add value and I guarantee you your comments and therefore backlinks wont get approved.

High vlaue backlinks are easily created using article marketing. There are 1000’s of article directories online to post your content. Just remember to incorporate your links in your signature box. I use this strategy every day to build 100’s of backlinks. If your going to use this strategy make sure you read the rules of the site carefully as generally article directories only allow you to post backlinks in your signature or resource box.

Below are a few high page rank article directories that you can post to to start creating high value backlinks. Understand this is a simple, proven way to generate high value backlinks. Do this daily and you will soon be ranking all over the internet for a host of highly competitive keyword terms and phrases, bringing a tsunami of visitors to your site.

Ezinearticles.com (PR6)
Gestbiz.com (PR6)
Goarticles.com (PR6)
Articlecity.com (PR5)
Articlesbase.com (PR5)
A1articles.com (PR5)
Articleclick (PR5)
Weeno (PR5)
Isnare (PR5)
Work On The Internet (PR4)
Articles Factory (PR4)

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