What Are Backlinks … Why Do You Need Them?

The success of every website depends on being able to establish a steady flow of traffic to the site. It is important that the traffic is targeted traffic; it is important to drive interested visitors to your site. While many aspects of how to drive traffic to your site can get complicated and require a level of expertise that takes time to acquire, there are some easy to learn ways to create a quality flow of traffic to your site. One of those ways is to create backlinks to your site. The following will explain what a backlink is, why it is important, and how to establish quality backlinks.

What Are Quality Backlinks?

A backlink is an incoming link to your website; in other words it is a link from another website that is pointing (coming) to your site. Backlinks are also referred to as incoming links, inward links or inbound links.

A quality backlink is an inbound link from another site that is related to your site. The greater the degree of relevance that the backlinking site has to your site will determine the quality of the back link. So it is important that your links be placed on websites whose content is related to the content on your website.

Why Are Backlinks Important to Your Website?

The more high quality backlinks that a website has will help to determine their page ranking in the search engines for their keywords. One of the factors the search engines, Google in particular, use to determine the relevance of a site for a particular keyword is the amount of quality backlinks a website has. Hence, backlinks need to be of high quality if they are going to benefit the website in search engine rankings.

There is another benefit to having quality backlinks to your website. If your inbound links are placed on sites with content that is relevant to the content on your site, it is more likely that when visitors use those links to view your site that they will be interested in your content and what you have to offer.

How to Get Relevant Backlinks

While ways to create quality backlinks is certainly not limited to the following list, each of the methods listed are easy to do, especially if you are just beginning. When creating backlinks, always keep in mind to create a link that utilizes one of your targeted keywords.

1) WRITE ARTICLES – There are many benefits to writing articles and submitting them to article directories. One of the returns of submitting articles to directories is that it creates inbound links to your website. By having a link to your website in the resource box, each time someone clicks on that link, a backlink is created.

2) COMMENT ON BLOGS – In order to ensure that the backlinks are relevant, it is important to find blogs that are related to your site. It is equally important to leave comments that are both meaningful and relevant to the post. Frequently when you leave a comment, you are able to leave a link to your site. This will once again create a quality backlink.

3) JOIN FORUMS – The advantages of belonging to forums that are relevant to the content of your site are numerous. One of the advantages is that on many forums you are able to include a link in your signature. This means that each time you post a comment on the forum a new backlink is created. Once again it is crucial to leave comments that will add value to the forum.

4) EXCHANGE LINKS – When you exchange links with another website, this is known as reciprocal linking. Reciprocal linking should only be done with sites that are related to your site. It is also crucial to establish the trustworthiness of the site that you exchange links; you only want to exchange links with sites that are using honest methods to build their backlinks.

5) CREATE HUB PAGES OR SQUIDOO LENS – The creating of either a hub page or a squidoo lens allows you to provide information about your site. It also provides you with another opportunity to create a backlink to your website. People who are interested in learning more about the information that you shared on your hub page/squidoo lens will click on the link you provide.

Creating quality backlinks to your site is critical to ranking well in the search engines for your keywords. Learning about what a backlink is, how to create a backlink, and the relevance of creating quality backlinks will help you to drive targeted traffic to your website. This in turn will help to ensure the success of your site.

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