The Fastest And Easiest Ways To Create Backlinks

We all know the importance of backlinks for high rankings in Google and other major search engines and there are already countless numbers of articles that describe in great detail the different benefits of creating a high number of backlinks.

In this article I would like to focus on a certain type of inbound links – the category of quick and simple backlinks. There are basically 2 big categories of inbound links:

Those ones that are either very costly or tricky to get. These are typically links from authority, high PR and good quality websites. Those are the links that offer most of the link juice and for most niches you will only require a few of them in order to greatly enhance your rankings.

The second category are the quick, free and easy backlinks. Typically you will need a relatively high number of those inbound links to be able to improve your rankings. On the other hand, those kinds of links are very easy to get.

So, let’s have a look at those second category links. Here is my favorite list of quick, free and simple backlinks:

* Social bookmarking links. Whenever you create a new web page or blog post you can immediately create hundreds of backlinks by submitting to social bookmarking sites.

* Article submission: Write a great article, put one or two hyperlinks in your bio and publish the article to potentially hundreds of article directories

* Blog commenting: An excellent way to even get some high PR backlinks from some quick blog posts.

* Profile Links: You can buy hundreds or thousands of forum profile backlinks for only a few bucks or use a software tool to automate the procedure.

* Forum posting: An additional quick and easy way to create lots of inbound links. Just make sure that the forum you are posting on allows you to add a signature file with a link back to your website.

If you need to build hundreds or thousands of those quick and easy backlinks, I highly recommend you use some automation tools in order to speed up the process otherwise it can take you days or weeks to build all those inbound links.

Mike Delores is a freelance article writer and software developer. He is writing on various different subjects and his hobbys are cycling, meditation and reading.

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