7 Ways To Build Google Page Rank To Promote Your Books

If you write books, then you have to promote. It doesn’t matter how good your book is, if no one reads it, you’ve wasted your time. There are some simple things you can do that will not only help you get your name and book out there, but they will help you build Google Page Rank. Some of these tasks need to be done on a daily basis. Others will only require you to do them one time. Do five things each day, and before you know it, your promotion will take off, and your books will market themselves.

1. Write a blog.

Don’t have a web presence or a website? Then this is the best place to start. A blog will allow you to write about what you know as an author. This is important in building a following. Once you build a following for your work, promotion is easy. Then you simply tell your readers about your latest offering through a list you have built, as well as writing about it on your blog. Blogs rank well in the search engines, and you can get some good built in promotion by simply adding a list of ping sites to your blog. Pinging your blog notifies major directories you have updated your blog allowing for easy promotion.

2. Comment on blogs.

Once you have a few blog posts written, it’s time to tell others about your blog. An easy way to do this is with blog comments. Not only does this allow you to start a discussion, but you will build backlinks, which builds page rank. Although blog comments don’t work as well as they used to, you should still use them. Here’s what’s most important: Comment on do follow blogs. This means you will get link juice from your link to the other blog. Comment on top blogs whether they are do follow or not. This will get you noticed. You’ll find a list of these by category at Technorati.

3. Submit to blog and RSS directories.

If you want to be seen, go where you will be seen. These directories are used to search for blogs. They will also give you a backlink. An added benefit is that every time you update your blog, it will reflect on these sites, showing others you have updated your blog. Then they will have a reason to revisit your blog.

4. Use forums.

Forums allow you to connect with your audience in a big way by demonstrating your expertise, as well as building a backlink in the signature. You may ask questions, answer questions, and participate in the community. It’s also a great way to find your readers and build content that passively promotes your business. Forums are addictive, so limit your time on these sites.

5. Submit to directories.

There are two types of directories you to be concerned with here: general directories and niche directories. General directories will help you build backlinks from high ranking sites while niche directories will help you get valuable links from directories that are related to your topic. Google loves both and will reward your site accordingly.

6. Get backlinks from social media.

If you’re not marketing on social media these days, then you’re only getting half the equation. This is not only an opportunity to connect with your readers and fellow writers, it’s also an opportunity to get some highly placed links. Find several of these sites, including Facebook, as well as sites designed for writers like MySpace. You may also want to consider Twitter, and a must is Author Central on Amazon.

7. Get links from related sites.

Although exchanging links won’t do as much for you as it used to, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Visibility is visibility. Two places to look are related blogs (blog rolls), and websites related to yours. Search for sites on your topic and send the site owner a personal email. Don’t spam.

Follow these strategies to help you build marketing momentum for your books. The added benefit is that you can gain Google Page Rank, which can help you become an authority on your topic of writing.

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