Free One Way Links – How To Create 100’s Of Them Fast, Easy And Free

So, how do you get free one-way links? It is pretty much a given at this point that you need lots of one-way links going to your site to get a decent rank in search engines. There is no way around it, you have to get those links and if you are anything like me then you probably would prefer getting them for free.

You could buy them and many do but oddly enough, in this situation one of the best and most effective ways of promoting your site is, in fact, developing free one-way links. You can develop these free links in any number of ways such as article promotion or press releases etc.

No matter which way you do get your links you should realize that the quality of the link is a very important factor in the mix. Google and the other search engines like to know that the websites they list are providing value because if they do provide that value people will come back and that’s how they make their money.

One of the ways the search engines judge the value of a website is by the quality of the website that gets linked to it. What this means is that you could beat your brains are getting 5000 links but if you’re links came from sites that were considered authority sites by the search engines than you could get the same amount of value from 50 high page rank sites.

Age is a big factor in whether or not a website is considered an authority site. Content is another and some of the oldest content rich websites online are the software directories.

These sites got to where they are by listing software, huge amounts of software, to people that were there for one reason. Free one-way links. Essentially you list your software with them and in return they give you a free link back to your site.

These are extremely valuable one-way links specifically because of where they are coming from. Okay, that’s great but now I know you are going to say; software, what do I know about software?

Remember this is a very old and very accepted way of getting backlinks, free one-way backlinks. So,if you look around it is a very simple matter to find websites that offer you ways to develop your own software. It is very simple matter because they know that there is a need because this is an extremely good way to get free one-way links.

Yes I know it is a bit of a circle but nonetheless you can easily find applications for developing small bits of software such as screen savers, toolbars, e-books or RSS readers. These are all extremely easy to develop with no technical knowledge required in the process.

Here’s how you do it. Go to Google and knock in “screen saver maker” if you wanted to make screensaver software. The page that comes up in this particular instance will have 1,880,000 returns, or at least it did when I did it. All of the websites listed will have something to do with making screensaver software.

That’s a lot of choice and you will get the same results for each of the different bits of software that I mentioned above. Not only that but you will find that a fairly large number of them are extremely inexpensive to buy and most have a free trial.

The next step is to follow some very simple instructions that will allow you to create your “.exe”
file which is your software. You then create a “Pad File” listing the .exe file and submit this file to the software directories, Bobs’ your uncle you have some extremely high page rank free one-way links.

To learn the full story and everything you need to know with some very simple instruction for generating literally hundreds of Free One Way Links from high page rank authority websites, a method that is simple, easy, very fast and requires no technical skills whatsoever go to:

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